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Petrol In Diesel Ashburton

Ashburton, Devon

Fuel Doctor have carried out lots of fuel drains on cars in Ashburton Devon.

We usually have a technician to Ashburton within the hour and we can remove the wrong fuel from the car very quickly, even if the car has been started and the wrong fuel has got from the tank to the engine.

We have attended the Shell garage at Ashburton to fuel drain most makes and models Some recent ones include a VW Camper van with diesel in his petrol tank. The engine had been run but our technician had the happy camper back on the road in under 90 minutes from calling our national operations centre on 01752 395247.

Fuel Doctor Devon were also called out to a lady who had filled her diesel Jeep Cherokee with 52 litres of unleaded petrol. The poor lady was rather distraught as she was out on a day trip and had a car full of kids but our technician soon had the car up and running after buying the kids some sweets to keep them quiet!!

We attended a Ford Focus in Ashburton in May whos owner had filled with petrol instead of diesel, our fuel drain technician was on scene and had the vehicle drained and refuelled in less than 45 minutes.

Fuel Doctor can work on all makes and models of cars and commercial vehicles, Ford, Nissan, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Chrysler are just some of the car makes that we have successfully drained in Ashburton.

Fuel Doctor Devon are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and provide one of the quickest and most cost effective fuel drain services in Devon.

If you have misfuelled your car in Ashburton or anywhere in Devon call 01752 395247 and we’ll have a fuel drainer on his way in minutes.

Fuel Doctor Ashburton Devon

DIY or call the professionals?

Bodmin Petrol In Diesel Audi A4

Bodmin, Devon

Half past 2 in the morning saw Doctor Clive out of his bed and on his way to Bodmin to remove the wrong fuel from an Audi A4.

On arrival on Bodmin the Fuel Doctor technician couldn’t locate the customer so gave him a quick call and soon located him in the petrol station staff room where he was patiently sipping from a mug of coffee.

After carrying out his site risk assessment our technician set about draining the petrol from the tank of the A4 and flushing the contaminated fuel from the fuel lines.

Once the mixed petrol and diesel was removed from the Audi fuel tank the vehicle was refuelled and the fuel system primed. Two turns of the key and the customer was on his way.

If you have a fuel emergency in Bodmin or indeed anywhere in Devon contact our 24/7 call centre on 0845 459 0000 or 01752 395247.

Fuel Doctor – The UKs Fuel Emergency Service – 0845 45 90 000